Let's go and explore

Let’s go and explore!

Let’s go and explore!

Hi there,

Welcome to our travel blog, Tuupetegoare!

We are Jolien & Tomas, a Belgian couple who are currently traveling through Australia. We both weren’t feeling well in our previous jobs and don’t know yet whether we want to change our professional direction completely, or make a small change to find a job in which we’d feel happier. As a result, we decided to head off on an adventure to discover new places, new people and most importantly to find out more about ourselves and what we really find important in life. We’d like to share our journey with you to inspire you to head outside and explore more for yourself, to discover both the world and yourself.

While traveling the city, we love to find nice coffee and breakfast places. Who doesn’t enjoy a lovely, cosy breakfast to start the day? We also enjoy finding less known and less busy spots in the city to walk around and discover. When we’ve had enough of the big city life, we’ll head out to find nature. Beautiful landscapes and discovering the countries we visit to the fullest, that’s what we stand for.

We’ll take you with us on our journey via our blog posts filled with photos and video footage, so we can enjoy the beautiful world we live in all tuupetegoare.

What do you think, will you join us?

Lots of love,

Jolien & Tomas

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